There was a time not too long ago, when THIS web site was South Norfolk’s ONLY online community.

Established on the Fourth of July, 2006 by Suzy and Dan Loonam, was developed to be a source of news for South Norfolk, a borough of Chesapeake, VA.

The site enjoyed a large following, and we made many wonderful and lasting friendships through our efforts on that site, “published by residents of South Norfolk as a service to the community.”

In 2009, the original site was hacked and a free “Blogger” site was quickly erected, as well as a new Facebook page, and the two were linked together. Attention to the actual external web site,, waned. The usefulness of the web site was in question — what can it do that we can’t do on Facebook? Well, here are a few things:

On this web site, we can:

  • Store information indefinitely;
  • Be the “First Face” of, for the few folks out there who search and find us, and do not belong to Facebook;
  • Keep a community calendar and allow group leaders to add their own events;
  • Link all community residents, groups, potential buyers, visitors, businesses and interested parties.

So here we are, yet AGAIN revising our web site. We will be collecting news and organizational information, and any other information of interest to the residents of South Norfolk. If you have important South Norfolk news, please do let us know.

You may notice a few ads on this site. We had those on our former site, too, but they were put there by the free host. Now, the affiliate ads you see were placed by us.

We welcome the opportunity to publish any information on South Norfolk that anyone would like to publish. We want to enhance communications between residents and organizations; keep residents, friends and family abreast of news that happens in our area, and to share and preserve the goodness of HistoricSouthNorfolk.

Many thanks. Best regards,

Suzy Loonam


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