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Blizzard blows in, South Norfolk snowed up

While the sun shined brightly, it was a mere 8 degrees in South Norfolk this morning, with snow piled high after a Jan. 4 blizzard blew nearly 11 inches of the white stuff into the historic district overnight. Creekmore’s, Sam’s Stop-n-Shop (which wins South Norfolk’s best-plowed parking lot award) and the little mini-mart on Park Avenue were open after the storm so most folks in South Norfolk were still able to get what they really needed without having to drive. There were a few reports of power outages in the area, but the power held throughout the storm for...

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South Norfolk + 2018 = BIG THINGS!

Big things are scheduled to happen in South Norfolk in 2018, and you should be ready! Starting in January, the city begins an $18M project to replace the 22nd Street Bridge and realign the new bridge to flow directly into Poindexter Street. That might stir up a little dust, but the commerce will be welcome in South Norfolk. Businesses would be wise to get ready. For more information on this project, visit this page on the city’s website. Later this month, ForKids, Virginia’s largest provider of services to homeless children, will plant the “Coming Soon” sign on their property...

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South Norfolk Civic League meets 2nd Mondays at SN Rec Center

The South Norfolk Civic League meets at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at the SN Rec Ctr at 1217 Goodwin Avenue in Portlock. Membership is only $15 per year per person and $25 per household. Members over 55 years of age are $10 per year per person and $15 per household. Meetings are open to the public. Email SNCL at...

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South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch meets at library, 3rd Monday of each month

Meet your neighborhood watch neighbors at 6:30 p.m. on the third Monday of the month at the South Norfolk Memorial Library Community Meeting Room in the Gateway Building at 801 Poindexter St. to discuss crime in our community, what you can do and what is already being done to ensure your safety and prevent crime. For more information about the South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch, visit        ...

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South Norfolk welcomes the holidays — and YOU!

Before you can say “Yuletide,” a visit to Historic South Norfolk will leave you awash like a baptism in the warmth of holiday spirit, harmonious carols and jingling bells. Tune in to 2WD at 101.3 for the holiday tunes as you tour. (Click for playlist). This year, a high percentage of historic homes are decorated; some adorned in traditional garlands and bows with minimal lights, and some that likely may be seen from space, lighted with all the gusto of Clark Griswold, himself. If you enter on Park Avenue off Bainbridge, be sure to slow down as you pass...

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