Sculpture at Lakeside Park: Love it or Hate it? We need your input!

In October, 2016, we posted a poll on the sculpture at Lakeside Park. Here are the results of that poll. The original poll is below.

As it turns out, many months later, the sculpture is being recreated out of more durable materials and will be replaced on its former platform on the lake at Lakeside Park.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll.

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Answer Votes

Love it. Fix it!
39.2% / 147

Hate it. Take it away.
54.9% / 206

5.9% / 22

Total votes: 375

Other answers report (20)

Submission Time Vote
2016-12-01 07:41:05 build a new one this one gets damaged in every storm
2016-11-05 04:51:37 Replace it with a sculpture that will hold up to a storm. No repeat offenders.
2016-10-29 07:35:14 Its been there for years and has served the community well. I’m sure there are other artist in the
2016-10-29 06:16:39 leave it – symbol of how hampton roads survives anything sent our way
2016-10-28 20:11:25 Fix it or replace it as long as they make it look good . Let’s keep our area as nice as we can !
2016-10-28 20:04:06 If the cost to fix it is less then removing it and replacing it, then fix it. Don’t take it away wi
2016-10-28 18:26:05 Replace it with an identical one!
2016-10-28 13:27:14 Move it into Park and put something else on island
2016-10-28 13:18:25 This is an incredibly flawed way to conduct even a casual survey. You should at least include an ima
2016-10-28 13:15:41 repair it
2016-10-28 11:37:50 This is part of south Norfolk!! Repair and move to a place that it can be admire!
2016-10-28 10:16:47 The area Civic Leagues should decide.
2016-10-28 10:12:15 Fix it
2016-10-28 10:02:57 Replace it with something that really stands out
2016-10-28 10:00:57 Replace with something with color and represent South Norfolk.
2016-10-28 10:00:15 Can’t say I love or hate it, however, it has been there for quite a while. I think it should be fixe
2016-10-28 09:56:48 Either fix it or have a competition for a replacement
2016-10-28 09:46:47 Time for an upgrade! Parks and Rec should have a contest for local artists who would submit their id
2016-10-28 09:31:28 Leave it as is . It si still artwork.
2016-10-28 09:13:34 Fix it, it reminds me of my childhood

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