For official Sign Sweepers ONLY! Please read all the notes before you start. Contact Suzy if you have questions.

Open Sign-Sweeper Report (Wait. Did you read all the notes?)

For future reference, this is the link:


The form’s “Submit” button does not work from this web page. Instead, right click to save the blank form to your computer. Then open the file on your computer, fill it out and use the submit button*, or…

*the submit button creates a draft email document with the filled PDF attached. You still have to hit send. 🙂

Or, fill out the form online on the webpage from a computer, then right click to save-as, then email your saved file to Jason at

The form’s “Reset” button works very well. Careful with that!

The point (at least for us) is to save paper and ink on Sign-Sweeper Report Forms. Hope our Sign-Sweeper teams find this useful.